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James Younger is a little 7-year-old boy whose mother, Anne Georgulas, believed he wanted to be a girl — mostly because he liked the Disney princess movie, “Frozen.”

But James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, thought otherwise.

So off to court the divorced couple went, fighting for sole custody.

And unbelievably, jurors found in favor of the mom, handing her the right to dress young James as a girl, to force others to treat him as a girl and ultimately, potentially, to chemically castrate him with the administration of puberty blockers and hormones.

The Texan gives the background: “Jurors have been sifting through a family court trial between Younger and Anne Georgulas, who argued over whether their 7-year-old son, James, has gender dysphoria, and if so, whether they should show their parental love to him by taking an approach of ‘affirmation’ or one of ‘watchful waiting.’ … [T]he jury decided to give sole managing conservatorship of the parents’ two twin sons to Georgulas, a pediatrician, who contended that James is transgender and should be affirmed by allowing him to wear dresses and taking him to school as a girl named ‘Luna.’ “

What has American society become?

Immune to common sense, for one. James’ father, Jeffrey, thought that since his little boy had been born a boy, that he should be raised as a boy, and sexually and biologically speaking, remain a boy — and that despite the fact the boy enjoyed watching the Disney princess movie “Frozen,’” it didn’t really mean anything other than, well, he liked watching the movie “Frozen.” Makes sense, right?

But these are dark times. Common sense is hard to find.

It’s quite possible, given the jurors’ ruling, that Georgulas could soon enough chemically castrate James. James, who is 7. James, whose life consists of cartoons and coloring and a bedtime probably of 8 o’clock.

“This means James’ mother … will be able to continue ‘transitioning’ him into ‘Luna,’ and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones,” LifeSite.com reported.

This is horrific stuff. The stuff of horror movies. The stuff that should stay of horror movies.

Only it’s real life, and what’s more, American life.

Can we truly be this stupid? What 7-year-old understands the meaning of sex, never mind the complexities and politics of sex changes?

This case is far from over; no doubt, at some point, higher courts will be asked to weigh in and make clear the parental boundaries and authorities, as well as the rights of the child in matters involving sex.

But the larger point is this: that such cases actually exist in America.

The LGBTQ movement has been on a steady march toward this very moment — the moment when it becomes accepted by society that sex is something as easily changed as clothing. The moment when traditional family walls crumble. The moment when the rational becomes the irrational; the norm, the abnormal. Or maybe more to the truth, the moment when the abnormal becomes the norm.

And shame on American society for allowing this to happen.

Fears of appearing politically incorrect, of facing a legal challenge, of dealing with trolls on social media, of withstanding the vicious outcries of the far-leftists in the press — these fears and more have all had the chilling effect of bringing America to a time when child abuse is being sold as compassion. Because chemically castrating a little boy who is 7 years old is nothing but child abuse, no matter how you dress it, no matter how you justify it, no matter what you call it.

This is evil at its purest.

Nobody is cheering here but the wicked.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at cchumley@washingtontimes.com or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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