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The idiots in City Hall are at it again, planning to spend the public’s money as if they’re Paris Hilton and drumming up other policies as if the public well will never run dry.

This all began anew this week, when the clock struck midnight to signal the end of fiscal 2019 and the beginning of fiscal 2020.

D.C. Council member Brandon Todd, a liberal attached at the hip to Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, jump-started the discussions on Oct. 2, saying “we” must look to future planning and spending by considering the projected “additional $80 million in revenue” expected to find a home in D.C. coffers in FY 2020.

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Like the wealthiest of wealthy government philanthropists, Mr. Todd wants you to help him divine ways to spend money — your money. He also promises he “will continue to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being spent in a responsible and efficient manner.”

A short backstory.

Mr. Todd is the Democrat who successfully won council approval for the Standard of Care for Animals Amendment Act of 2017, which entrusts the D.C. government to ensure that Fido and Milkshake live as fabulously as Miss Hilton’s pooches in a two-story, Spanish-style colonial all their own. It has a balcony and black wrought-iron railings, and great views of Los Angeles, and the various pooches can bark, sniff and romp as much as they desire.

D.C. standards for puppy (adult) dog pals are such an extreme. In fact, the new law that taxpayers will be financing goes into great detail about the roofs that dog houses must have over their heads.

Check out the definition of “adequate shelter,” courtesy of the Humane Rescue Alliance website: “When the temperature is at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, ‘adequate shelter’ shall mean that a the dog has access to a shelter large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around, that has an entrance covered by a flexible wind-proofing material or self-closing door, that contains a platform for the dog at least 4 inches off the ground, and that contains dry bedding, which must consist of an insulating material that does not retain moisture, such as straw, of sufficient depth for the dog to burrow. When the temperature is at or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, ‘adequate shelter’ shall additionally mean that a dog has access to a shelter shaded by trees, a roof, a tarp, or a tarp-like device.”

Guess that excludes the publicly funded dog parks you’ve already for.

However, the new protect-Fido-at-all-cost regulations mean you and families like you who leave their dogs outdoors while at home or school are in trouble if the dog keepers are on the prowl. Shame on you for letting your four-legged friend lie on the deck or front porch.

What’s troubling about the pooch pitch is that two human beings died in an unregulated house earlier this year, and lawmakers like Mr. Todd have been mum. The house had wrought-ironing railing, which prohibited the residents from getting out and which first responders had to contend with to get in.

An oversight hearing that probes why Mr. Todd, his council colleagues and the Bowser administration allowed that to happen and the planned corrective measures would have public support for new public revenues. Unfortunately, Mr. Todd doesn’t throw his weight behind such weighty issues.

Like a stereotypical millennial, he prefers new shiny things vs. what’s effective.

He’d rather waste his political capital on pet standards — as if Paris Hilton and her pooches reside along the Potomac.

⦁ Deborah Simmons can be contacted at [email protected]

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