- - Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I am an 81-year-old former Redskins fan. I say “former” because I no longer expect to see the organization field a well-coached team of professional players, and therefore I don’t much care anymore when they lose. Saving this franchise will require more than just replacing the coach.

My mother sang “Hail to the Redskins” to me when I was in my cradle. In the early ‘60s, I bought tickets wherever I could get them. I was first able to buy season tickets when George Allen was the coach, and I held them for 38 years. My wife and I traveled to Los Angeles to watch the “Skins” win the Super Bowl against Miami. I yelled “We want Dallas” with all the other fans. Now, after 20 years of clownish failure under the present ownership, fans in the stadium are yelling “We want Dallas to win!”

Around 2005, I let my season tickets go. I was tired of trying not to have to fight someone to get a parking space I had already paid for. I was too old to stand in a five-block-long line to use the men’s room. I was fed up with the thousands of belligerent visiting-team fans who got drunk and started fights. And all to watch a sub-par team produced by a sub-par organization. Except for the few seasons when Coach Joe Gibbs came back, it wasn’t worth my time and money.

I hear players complain about playing on a home field in front of a stadium full of visiting-team fans. Well, after 20 years of losing, what can be expected? The fans who where there in the days when the Redskins were a serious, well-coached team that could be expected to compete are mostly gone now. Today’s young fans don’t remember those days. Without incentive, they are home playing video games. The team is losing its fan base, big time.

If Dan Snyder really is dedicated to bringing the winning tradition back to this town, he will sell this team to someone or some organization prepared to do what is required to turn it around.


Ijamsville, Md.

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