- - Wednesday, September 11, 2019

There have been multiple airstrikes against Iranian militia targets in Syria and Iraq over the last several months by “unidentified” aircraft. The attacks seem to be aimed at destroying the “Iranian land bridge” that the precipitous President Obama pullout of American forces from Iraq enabled.

The development of this network of terror armies from Tehran to Damascus has endangered the national security of the United States, along with its allies in the region, including the Jewish state of Israel.

The “unidentified” aircraft seem to be operating with impunity in a region brimming with Russian air defense systems employed by Iran, Syria and Russia herself, protecting her forces near Russia’s air bases in Latakia.

This development begs several questions.

First, whose aircraft are these? It is obvious the aircraft described are stealth attack jets; this leaves only the United States and Israel as possibilities. The F-35 is rumored to now operate with complete air superiority over Iraq and Iran, due to the alleged impossibility of its tracking and detection.

Secondly, why is Russia allowing the aircraft to operate with impunity?

We have written before about a possible deal in the works between Washington and Moscow, allowing the U.S. (and Israel) to target Iran in the Middle East in return for relaxation of sanctions over Russia’s behavior in Ukraine. It looks like President Trump is getting America’s part of the deal in the Levant and Fertile Crescent. Russia is not lighting up Israeli or American jets with its vaunted S-400s in-theater.

I believe Israel is behind most of the attacks. Part of Mr. Trump’s policy is to withdraw American forces from the region to save lives, treasure, and operational stress on our military, which is strung out from endless wars.

It seems Mr. Trump has told the Israelis — “We gave you the F-35, now use it.”

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