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Michelle Malkin is a ranking member of that influential group of independent conservative journalists, bloggers, commentators, columnists and authors who are increasingly out-reporting, out-thinking, out-talking and out-writing their colleagues in what we continue to call the mainstream media.

Ms. Malkin, an investigative reporter of great experience, distinguished by clarity of thought and a take-no-prisoners approach to matters of national import, brings her journalistic mantra — “When you follow the money, you find the truth” — to this deeply researched and strongly written study of the causes of the current crisis swirling around immigration. The controversy is fueled in great part by the compassion-driven emotionalism of well-meaning Americans, she writes, but the ultimate motives of those causing the controversy are financial gain.

Silicon Valley does and expects to continue to profit from the work of illegal aliens, refugees and low-wage workers. As religion continues to lose purchase among newer generations, church leaders need their churches fuller, and with more money in the collection boxes. Politicians want cheap votes, cheap labor, and many see unlimited immigration as the best solution to shrinking constituencies. And then there are the social justice warriors who feast on the great sums to be made just by encouraging good-hearted but gullible citizens to pony up for poor abused would-be-immigrants.

At the top of Ms. Malkin’s list of those who encourage people to part with their money for open border purposes — demonstrations, caravans, well-publicized defiance of all immigration officials — are George Soros, George Clooney, Tim Cook and Pope Francis.  

As a life-long Catholic, it no doubt troubles Ms. Malkin to call the activities of the leader of her church into question. But the pope has taken public stands on immigration that oppose our written laws and are antithetical to the orderly legal processes that structure our nation. Nor is it a secret that the pope and George Soros have common interests, support certain overlapping organizations and share a distaste for this country’s current leader.

Ms. Malkin puts it much more directly: “Globalists are doing everything in their power to deny President Trump reelection in 2020. The caravan cartel hates him. George Soros, the Pope, and the United Nations consider him an evil threat to their billion-dollar migration and refugee enterprises. Antifa wants him dead. The Southern Poverty Law Center and Silicon Valley want to purge every last one of his supporters from the public square.”

Much of Ms. Malkin’s bill of particulars is summarized in her chapter headings: “Sin Fronteras: All Aboard The Caravan Cartel”; “George Soros: The CEO of Open Borders”; “Unholy Alliance: The Pope, Catholic Bishops, And Amnesty Profiteers”; “Wretched Refuse: The Refugee Resettlement Racket”; “Hate Machine: The Southern Poverty Law Center”; “Hollywood or Hollywall?: Inside the Fortress of Celebrity Hypocrisy”; and “Fact Check: True, the Liberal Media Hates America.” In a concluding chapter, “Border Defenders’ Action Plan,” she suggests ways in which individual Americans can take a hand in the struggle against open-border crusaders. One is to use “the power of our own purses to ensure that we are not subsidizing our own worst enemies.” As one example, she writes, “I refuse to put my hard-earned money in collection baskets whose contents will end up in the hands of Trump-deranged Marxists.”

She recommends a selective boycott of the entertainment industry, and calls on “grassroots conservatives, independents, and patriots of any political ideology [to] send a message to the cheap vote/cheap labor lobby in Washington: American lives matter and American jobs matter. If Beltway swamp creatures won’t put their votes where their mouths are, stop putting your money in their grubby, duplicitous hands.” 

She concludes the chapter with a list of suggestions, and provides throughout the book information that allows readers to do their own due diligence with religious institutions and charities. She has also included appendices and maps tracing tens of millions of dollars spent and received by more than 400 charities, lobbying groups and legal organizations promoting mass immigration. Moreover, as an accomplished journalist, she folds the hard information seamlessly into the text, with no dilution of narrative energy.

Perhaps the single best summary of Ms. Malkin’s book comes from Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice, who calls it “a veritable fireball of finely tuned arguments that beautifully counter the new wave of anti-Americanism.” 

• John R. Coyne Jr., a former White House speechwriter, is co-author of “Strictly Right: William F. Buckley Jr. and the American Conservative Movement” (Wiley).

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By Michelle Malkin

Regnery Publishing, $28.99, 468 pages

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