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President Donald Trump, in a closed-door event in New York City, some of which was captured on video by Bloomberg, told attendees — mostly U.S. diplomats — that he couldn’t understand why “people are afraid” to call out the far-leftist visions of the far-leftist factions who are using deceptive far-left messages to tear down hist administration and, along the way, by logical extension, the whole limited government structure of the American government.

Well, heck, that’s an easy answer. Here’s why: Because nobody wants to be put through the same ringer that Trump’s being put through. Right?

Either that, or it’s because those who fail to “call it out” are benefiting from the secretiveness.

“We’re at war,” Trump said, Bloomberg reported. “These people are sick. They’re sick.”

Breitbart reported he went on to say, “[N]obody’s called it out like I do, I don’t understand. people are afraid to call it out, they are afraid to say the press is crooked, we have a crooked press, we have a dishonest media.”


Trump, like him or hate him, agree with him or disagree with him, but the fact is that when it comes to disrupting political norms, he’s king.

Trump’s opened eyes onto a corrupt U.S. intel machine. Trump’s shed light on a deep-seated political structure that’s joined together elitists from both parties at the expense of the people they’re supposed to represent. And he’s flashed sunshine onto an entitlement-minded world stage where players who’ve not been used to accountability — and say, paying their fair U.N. and NATO shares — are now being held to account and told, hey, pay your fair shares.

He’s actually shown America who America’s common enemy is, and it’s not so much the guy wearing the “D” button versus the gal donning the “R” hat as it is the movers and shakers who seek to influence on a worldwide scale — who seek to turn sovereign nations into melting pots of borderless parcels of land.

America’s biggest enemies are the globalists.

Some are socialists. Some are progressives. Some are Democrats — indeed, some are Republicans.

But their common denominator is they all believe the government knows best, and the bigger the government, the better it is for all concerned. They see the United Nations as an actual solution to the world’s wars; they consider the central banks and concepts like currency manipulation as crucial to keeping economies steady; they regard the free market with suspicious eyes; they advance ideas like Global First, America Second in U.S. public schools, and try hard to teach the next generations of the world to think outside the sovereign box.

Trump, in all his Make America Great Again, America First glories, is an offense to them.

An offense — and threat. A threat to power and pocketbooks, both.

“We’re at war,” he said, in this New York City meeting.

Yes. We are. And the enemy is both foreign and domestic. The anti-American enemy of globalism isn’t just at America’s gate. It’s inside. For one sign of proof, just look at all the vitriol surrounding this White House.

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