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The Democrats’ climate-related proposals are serious — they just do not relate to anything remotely affecting the climate in a positive way (“Republicans seek ‘serious’ climate solutions” Page I, Sept. 6). Low-impact power sources, such as nuclear, and carbon capture, which is really just regenerative agriculture, are not on the Democratic radar screen. What’s more, complaining about withdrawing from the Paris accord is rich considering that France gets more than 80 percent of its power from nuclear.

The U.S. population is fat and sick, mostly due to government policy that dates back a half a century, and in which the Democrats had a strong hand. Remember George McGovern?

Regulatory reform and regenerative agriculture generally involve giving power back to the individual, and makes the responsibility for the environment personal. The necessary actions are different for different locations and local economies, but generally involve changes that are low-cost, and the results can be measured over short periods of time. Sequestering carbon can be easily measured and monitored, and the impact quantified. Predicting atmospheric average temperatures 100 years from now based on small changes in carbon dioxide is a fool’s errand, and that is where the Democratic Party stands.

So far, whether President Trump is just following his instincts and basic common sense or he has some kind of special climate/environmental expertise, his actions make him the real protector of the environment.


Reston, Va.

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