- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Radio host Mark Levin says the reaction by U.S. officials to the coronavirus epidemic risks transforming the nation into something completely divorced from its founding.

The conservative icon implored governors and other officials not to do China’s ideological bidding with unnecessary power grabs that threaten liberty.

“My grave concern, and it is a grave concern here, is that in the midst of all this we’re going to destroy our economy and destroy our economic system and create a massively powerful, centralized government that’s not even going to look like anything you previously imagined,” Mr. Levin said Tuesday. “And, of course, Donald Trump won’t be president forever. Someone else will.”

The radio host added that various measures to curtail the virus go beyond what is scientifically prudent and into the realm of totalitarian police states.

“Do you know what this model reminds me of?” he asked, Right Scoop reported Tuesday. “The Chinese model without the communist party police state of course without the bullets and billy clubs and all the rest. […] The governors are shutting down businesses. The governors are talking about who’s essential and who’s not, but then we’re going to have a $2 trillion infrastructure bill because that’s essential? I mean, there’s a lot of contradictions going on here: we need liquidity in the economy — but stay home.”

Mr. Levin warned that officials are setting the nation up for massive inflation and political repercussions that will be difficult to “put back in the box.”

“The Chinese communist government has not only caused enormous damage to this country in terms of human casualties and deaths,” he said. “And not just economic casualties, but they may have succeeded in changing the relationship between our government and our people. And this is what’s concerning me. It’s not necessary.”

“Do we have to destroy our economic system, massively empower the central government, so that when this is over we won’t even know what the hell the country looks like?” he added. “I’m here to declare: fiscal conservatism is dead. Limited constitutional government is dead. The vast majority of the American people supporting individual liberty is dead because if you’re going to a Mark Levin social site and defending [profligate spending in the trillions-of-dollars], then I guess you’re more Bernie Sanders than you know.”

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