- - Sunday, August 2, 2020

Since the Magna Carta put the God-given right to private property down on paper, it has been obvious that stealing and destroying the property of others is not only wrong but criminal. Rioters have always been lying in wait, but officials, whose job it is to restore order, have usually risen to the occasion. Today’s rioters are using Black communities as pawns to destroy America, abetted by officials who do not know any better. Marxism for all, not racial justice, is the target.

Self-defense and the right to property, personal and public alike, are at stake. If one has no right to self-defense, no other rights matter.

Just for the record, something that conflicts with the rights of another is not a right. To destroy the properety of another invades that person’s right to private property. This is basic ethics and a foundational American principle.

Marxism has no principles; whatever advances its agenda is acceptable. Keeping the population in a constant state of upset and distress is how Marxists achieve their totalitarian goal. Where on American soil did they learn this? Is this what comes from universities gone rogue?



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