- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A handful of women proclaiming to be Republicans have united in anti-Donald Trump messaging to join forces under the umbrella of The Lincoln Project and oust this president from the White House.

Ignore this faction.

They’re silly and stupid and are busily, stupidly, trying to sell a silly lie about their so-called Republican beliefs by saying ominous-sounding things like, “The future of our families, our communities and our country lie in our hands,” and “We are tired of constant lies and bullying from the Oval Office,” and “We are fearful for the health and safety of our families,” as The Hill reported.

But they’d rather see far-leftists who’d destroy the real future of families, the U.S. economy, take the reins of the White House than reelect a president who’s proven himself a mass success on the jobs’ front. 

They’d rather see Democrats in charge than Republicans.

On social media, they wrote this: “We are the Lincoln Women. We are your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, neighbors, doctors, and teachers. And as current and former Republicans, we are proud to be casting our vote for @JoeBiden this November.”

This is where the stupid comes in: The Lincoln Project’s Women’s Coalition — the Lincoln Women, as they call themselves on social media — still claim to be Republicans. There are reportedly 19 of ‘em, and these 19 continue to claim they’re Republicans, even while advocating for the Democratic Party’s picks.

Somebody send them a memo, please.

Republicans don’t vote for Democrats. Self-proclaimed Republicans don’t cast ballots for Democrats. Republicans don’t toss in for the Democratic candidate for president.

It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Really, it’s not.

Hold the phone, bang the drum, light a candle, ring the bell. But Republicans who vote for Democrats for president are — ba dum dum, Democrats. That’s one of the things that comes with political territories; you are typically what you vote.

“The coalition is dedicated to uniting all women who recognize the threat this president poses to the future of our republic, and turning them out to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project and a coalition member, The Hill reported.

And in a tweet, Horn wrote: “Women have the power to defeat Trump this November. We are here to ask women to embrace the power that they have for the good of every generation to come.”

‘Cause nothing says Republican like a good ol’ fashioned abortion-fest? Or a smack-down, drawn-out call for slave reparations, followed by a Black Lives Matter-fueled takeover of White residences in formerly Black-dominated neighborhoods? Or how about a turn of the Constitution on its head and flip for more socialist-slash-collectivist-slash-Marxist type of governance — because, you know, as every good Republican knows, that lousy Founding Father document is steeped in inherent racism and needs to go, right?

A vote for Biden, a vote for Harris, is a vote for all that. For all that the far left has to offer.

“Our ideology score placed Kamala Harris as the most liberal senator in 2019,” GovTrack.us reported in mid-August.

A vote for Biden, a vote for Harris, is a vote for brick-throwing protests in the streets.

A vote for Biden, a vote for Harris, is a vote for social justice, for racial justice, to guide pretty near every policy they push, from environmentalism to housing to economic opportunity.

A vote for Biden, a vote for Harris, is a vote to end capitalism — or at the least, usher in a spread-the-wealth economy to the point where America is capitalist in name only.

“The past four years have been exhausting for women,” another member of the Lincoln Project’s Women’s Coalition, told The Hill.

Well, so is discerning who’s truly Republican versus who’s using the Republican label to sneak into the system the Democratic Party’s will. Calling on Republican women to cast votes for far-leftist Democratic Party picks for president and vice president — while still self-identifying as Republican — is about as deceptive as can be. And the deceptions of these double-faced, double-talking types are exhausting. Fatiguing, even. Frustratingly so. 

Stupid is as stupid does, as the saying goes.

In this case, in the case of the Lincoln Women, stupid is as stupid speaks.

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