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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino joins other high-profile figures with evidence of Black Lives Matter belligerence outside the Republican National Convention.

The popular podcaster shared footage from outside the White House Thursday evening as he walked to a hotel with his wife and a small group of others.

“This is after Paula and I left,” he said Friday. “We walked out on 17th Street. The minute you walked out — the minute you left the gate — literally, it’s not even the minute. The second they opened the gate … they were all waiting right there.”

Warning: Strong Language.

Mr. Bongino detailed a group of about 25 people who shadowed him while calling his wife, a Colombian immigrant, a “b— a—” and other expletives.

“Is that your b— wife? Is that your b— wife? Is that your b— wife,” one person repeatedly asks.

Another man mentions the conservative getting his “a— whupped.”

“Y’all better follow these motherf—s,” a man on a bike says. “

The footage has been viewed over 500,000 times on Twitter in less than 24 hours.

“These guys and women are total cowards and chumps,” Mr. Bongino continued. “What they do, and when you experience this for yourself, you’ll see how they act. They attack in packs. One of them will come over like the guy on the bike. … This went on for almost half an hour. … They do attack in packs and it gives them, like, collective power because they know that if it breaks bad for them their friends will hit you with a skateboard.”

“The Dan Bongino Show” host said that activists shadowing his family waited until there was about 20 individuals orbiting his family before their insults and taunts began.

“These are not protests,” Mr. Bongino added. “Not only are these not peaceful protests — throw that out the window. These are not protests. … We saw these people, some of them, leaving our hotel we were staying in at six o’clock. Why are they staying in a hotel? How did they get there? The hotel we stayed in wasn’t cheap. Did we not see three of them this morning, Paula, walking out? Yes we did. These are not protests. This is a paid organized mob of lunatics.”

The experience mirrors similar taunts experienced by Sen. Rand Paul as the Kentucky Republican attempted to leave the convention with his wife. 

“This mob is their voters. This is the new Democrat Party,” Mr. Paul told “Fox & Friends.”

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