- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 3, 2020

As always in the short, happy political life of Donald J. Trump, he now stands alone against the machine.

Unflinching, he vows from the White House Diplomatic Reception Room to make good on his oath back in 2017 “to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

In an extraordinary post-election speech that he called perhaps his most important ever, Mr. Trump reminded citizens that “I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States.”

At the very pinnacle of that duty is to protect the right to vote, the guarantee that your vote will be counted and that it will not be canceled out by an illegal vote somewhere else. It is the lifeblood of democracy — the very essence of the whole concept that citizens in America choose their own leaders.

From the usual corners of delusion and dishonesty, the media lampooned the speech as a “46 minute diatribe,” per The New York Times. The Associated Press dismissed it as “recycled unsubstantiated voter fraud claims” that proved the president is “increasingly detached from reality.”

The former news station CNN called it the “46 minutes that prove how dangerous Donald Trump is to democracy.”

“This claim about election fraud is disputed,” stamped Twitter.

Truly, however much you despise these people, it is not enough. Hell is not deep enough or hot enough for these wicked, sick vermin.

Where was all this brave journalistic scrutiny during the past four years when the American public was fed a steady stream of the most ridiculous, recycled, unsubstantiated and dangerous conspiracy theories about how the 2016 election was stolen?

Where was all this journalistic curiosity when the most powerful Democrats in Congress were peddling insane conspiracy theories concocted by the most deranged and evil lunatics?

Talk about detached from reality.

“I want to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculously long Nov. 3 elections,” Mr. Trump explained.

“We used to have what was called ‘Election Day.’ Now we have election days, weeks and months and lots of bad things happen during this ridiculous period of time.”

Certainly, honest people can debate whether or not there was “tremendous” voter fraud and irregularities in the election. But no honest person can say there were no “voter fraud and irregularities” in the election.

No matter how much Twitter slaps “disputed” claims on Mr. Trump’s every utterance, we now know for a fact that dead people voted in the election.

We know there were “glitches” that gave Joe Biden votes that were cast for Mr. Trump. We know for a fact that there were large batches of ballots — overwhelmingly for Mr. Biden — that mysteriously appeared after Election Day was over.

All of these proven examples of “voter fraud and irregularities” have been shown, yet they are all dismissed by Mr. Trump’s enemies in the media as unsubstantiated, disputed claims in a 46-minute diatribe that prove the president is “increasingly detached from reality.”

Again, we can argue about how widespread the fraud and irregularities were or whether there was enough fraud and irregularities to alter the outcome of the election. But there is no debate that “voter fraud and irregularities” occurred.

One obvious tell that they are lying to you is when they say, “Well, there is fraud in every election.”

Are you freaking kidding me?

That is like catching your kid with his hand literally in the cookie jar and his immediate response is: “That’s a lie! I am not eating cookies!”

At this point, his hand is still hung up in the cookie jar so he changes his story.

“OK, I am eating cookies but I have always been eating them!” And: “I am not eating that many.”

Also not in dispute is the proven fact that mass mail-ballot voting invites more “voter fraud and irregularities” than traditional Election Day voting.

Perhaps this is why Democrats — the evil party — succeeds so brilliantly during early mail-in voting. And Republicans — the stupid party — excels only on Election Day.

It is almost enough to make you wonder if maybe — just maybe — Democrats were motivated by something more than just public health when they scrambled this past year to ensure Mr. Trump’s reelection would be determined by mass mail-in voting.

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times. He can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com or @charleshurt3 on Parler.

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