- - Monday, February 10, 2020

Self-styled communists aren’t only misguided; they evidently have no sense of irony. At the Academy Awards Sunday night, the makers of the film “American Factory” won the trophy for Best Documentary. The sensitive film chronicles what happens when a Chinese industrialist opens a manufacturing plant in the American heartland.

“American Factory” was distributed by Netflix, the lavishly capitalized Hollywood entertainment giant, and produced by none other than the production company belonging to Barack and Michelle Obama. Its pedigree is about as elite as they come.

Yet when they took to the stage to accept their trophy, the makers of “American Factory” did not only dabble in standard Hollywood liberalism. (That we got from other winners like Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt.) Rather, the makers of “American Factory” embraced what the kids these days call “Full Communism.” Director Julie Reichert called for the “workers of the world [to] unite” — perhaps the most famous slogan associated with Marxism.

Another movie heavy on class conflict took home the trophy for Best Picture, the superb Korean comedy/drama “Parasite.” It was the first time a foreign language film won the top honor.

“Parasite’s” victory, which was deserved, pointed out another irony: Just how provincial the self-styled cosmopolitans of Hollywood really are. Are we truly to believe that in the entire history of cinema, there has never been a year where the Best Picture was something other than American or British? Fellini, Kurosawa and Bergman never made a movie worthy of Best Picture, according to the Solons of Hollywood. Hollywood royalty are a profoundly narcissistic bunch, staring frozen at their reflections in a pond.

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