- - Sunday, February 16, 2020

I appreciated Wendy Young’s “Deeply flawed Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) causes suffering at the U.S.-Mexico border” (Web, Feb. 8). However, the piece implies that the Americans are the bad guys. Wrong. How about offering a solution to the problem rather than pointing fingers?

The United States currently gives more than $56 billion annually in foreign aid to countries throughout the world. Those are my and your tax dollars at work. Mexico alone receives more than $60 million each year. Surely there are sufficient foreign-aid dollars available to adequately house every immigrant wanting to come to the United States, even if we have to reduce the amount of aid given to other countries. There must also be an ample number of empty federal facilities in the U.S. to accommodate every immigrant seeking asylum until each can be properly vetted and either admitted into the United States or sent back to their home countries.

I recently finished the Jeanine Cummins novel “American Dirt.” Reading the heart-felt story about the suffering immigrants endure on their hazardous journeys across South America and through Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. makes you want to hop in your car and drive to the border to see what you can do to help. It is a tragedy.

So let’s develop a plan of action to solve this problem and stop playing the blame game. Maybe a temporary redirection of a portion of all our foreign-aid funds would indeed cover the necessary costs. Really, can we spare a dime?


Clifton, Va.

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