- - Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Your recent editorial, “Bernie the puppet master” (Web, Feb. 17), does a fine job of summarizing the Democrats’ socialist economic plans. However, you left out two important facts.

First, these “free” items would be paid for with our taxes. To earn the money to pay those taxes, we need to work (assuming, of course, that we would be fortunate enough to have a job in the economy they would create). If Person A is being forced to work to pay the bills of Person B, Person A is being forced to perform involuntary servitude (aka slavery).

Second, the editorial fails to name the particular variant of socialism the Democrats espouse: fascism. Like the other variants of socialism, it is about total government control. “Nazi” was short for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Contrary to popular myth, though, fascism has always been part of the collectivist left, never the individualist right. Hitler said that a ‘good’ Nazi would always make a good Bolshevik, and vice versa, because “there is more that binds us [Nazis] to Bolshevism than separates us from it.”

Here is what ought to really infuriate us: During the 1860s, our country paid a huge price in blood and treasure to eliminate slavery within our boundaries forever. Then, in the 1940s, we paid an even more horrendous price, supposedly to eradicate fascism from the face of the earth. Now the Democratic Party is trying to reimpose both on us.


Laurel, Md.

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