- - Wednesday, February 19, 2020

For love of God and country, do not be fooled by the demise of the Democrats, their squad of far-left decoys and diversions over the past three years, or the silly notion that Bill and Hillary Clinton are not conniving for the White House again in 2020.

The Democrats’ 2017 resistance movement, 2018 book tours and 2019 impeachment plot have each been one calculated hoax and political charade after another — all via Clinton design. Make no mistake: Both Clintons are fiendishly in pursuit of Inauguration Day 2021, with Hillary as our next vice president and eventual president.

This sinister political pair has been lying through their teeth since 2016 — to the entire Democrat Party, all American people and every gullible liberal donor, voter and university chancellor. Just look more closely. They are in full control of Democratic National Committee leadership, the Bloomberg campaign and the entire “deep state” Department of Justice — all via Clinton-appointed personnel. Clinton operatives were even behind the 2020 Iowa caucus technology debacle.

Voters ought not waste any more time or donation money supporting other 2020 Clinton and Bloomberg opponents. These opponents will only be forced to sell your voter and donor information to their supreme leaders, Bill and Hillary.

Get your popcorn ready and prepare to potentially watch Donald Trump debate Michael Bloomberg while Mike Pence debates Hillary Clinton (or visa versa), as crooked Hillary selfishly steamrolls her way onto the 2020 ticket and the 2021 Oval Office.


McLean, Va.

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