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Fox News personalities quickly came to the defense of colleague Neil Cavuto after President Trump disparaged him during a reelection campaign event Thursday evening in Colorado.

Mr. Trump repeatedly took shots at the host of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” while on stage during a “Keep America Great” rally held by his 2020 campaign in Colorado Springs.

Responding to a segment aired on the show hours earlier, Mr. Trump lashed out at both Mr. Cavuto and A.B. Stoddard, a guest of the program who had spoken critically of the president.

“Neil Cavuto, he’s not too good,” said Mr. Trump. “Nobody likes him.”

Without referring by name to Ms. Stoddard, an associate editor and columnist for the RealClearPolitics website, Mr. Trump called her a “crazy person” and “third-rate journalist.”

“She has no credibility and neither do you, Neil Cavuto,” said Mr. Trump.

Elsewhere during the rally, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Cavuto of hosting the “lowest-rated” program on Fox prior to referring to “Your World” as one of the network’s “loser shows.”

Fox News fixtures including contributor Richard Fowler and hosts Ed Henry and Trish Reagan subsequently pushed back against the president while appearing on-air later Thursday.

“For him to sit here and attack a journalist, multiple journalists, for reporting the facts on his presidency, is not only problematic, it’s unpresidential and it’s un-American. Our First Amendment is the freedom of the press,” Mr. Fowler said during Mr. Henry’s program.

“Neil Cavuto, from the first day I walked into the Fox News channel, has always been an outstanding man, an outstanding journalist, has always been supportive and I want to make sure I stand up for him as well,” Mr. Henry added.

Ms. Reagan made similar remarks Thursday evening while hosting her own program on the Fox Business Network.

“It’s come to my attention the president, while speaking to that crowd in Colorado Springs, said some rather disparaging against one of my colleagues, someone who I respect tremendously,” said Ms. Reagan, who called Mr. Cavuto an “utmost journalist and always fair.”

“He is a fair person, a fair guy, and a good man. So I’m disappointed that the president said those things. Because Neil Cavuto is one guy who doesn’t deserve it,” she said on “Trish Reagan Primetime.”

Their reactions seemed not to phase Mr. Trump, however, who took aim again at both Mr. Cavuto and Ms. Stoddard from his widely-followed Twitter account Friday by accusing them of having “bad ratings” and being a “fake guest,” respectively.

Mr. Trump’s attacks were sparked by a “Your World” segment in which Ms. Stoddard said that the president had “disastrous debate performances” while running for office in 2016.

In addition to repudiating her remarks while on stage at his rally. Mr. Trump also responded by spending several minutes reading off the results of multiple polls taken years earlier during his 2016 campaign.

Neither Mr. Cavuto nor Ms. Stoddard had responded publicly to the president’s attacks as of Friday afternoon.

Mr. Cavuto, a Fox News personality since the network’s launch in 1996, previously pushed back against the president for attacking the network last August.

“First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you, just cover you. Call balls and strikes. Our job is to keep score, not settle scores,” Mr. Cavuto said at the time.

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