- - Sunday, February 9, 2020

Last week, Iowa Democrats did more to undermine the public’s confidence in the party’s ability to handle the country’s big problems than Donald Trump and the GOP could ever manage. Their inability to determine the winner because, they said, of a system failure is an embarrassment they will not soon live down.

Republicans have been joking about the debacle for days. That’s to be expected and, in politics, fair. The other party wouldn’t be charitable if the shoes were on the other foot. But the disaster in Des Moines has become fodder for the late-night talk shows which, as we’ve learned over the last three administrations, has more than anywhere else become the place where politicians and political proposals go to die.

Facing facts, we may eventually get numbers out of Iowa, but we’ll never know the real winner not with any level of confidence anyway. The Bernie Sanders people and the supporters of former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg will be arguing from here to Milwaukee and beyond about which of them actually won. Not that it matters, except to former Vice President Joe Biden, whose apparent fourth-place finish badly damages his effort to win the nomination or even stay in the race much past New Hampshire.

Who won isn’t as important as people think it is. There’s been considerable talk in the political media about how the Democrats have drifted left, but it neglects how far to the left they were to start with. Even Mr. Biden, who’s supposed to be the moderate in the race, said as late of April of last year, “I was always labeled as one of the most liberal members of the United States Senate.”

What matters is what they believe and, thanks to Americans for Tax Reform’s Mike Palicz and Jordan Leppo, a handy guide has been produced regarding the 10 things he and those running with him for the party’s presidential nomination have said they would ban as part of the efforts to take the global “climate crisis” seriously — something they all assert that President Trump has, to one degree or another failed to do — should they win the election.

The list of what would be banned, which is available at the group’s web site at ATR.org, shows how far the environmental radicalism of the 2020 Democratic Primary candidate now extends. It includes old standards like the promise to eliminate nuclear power from the U.S. energy matrix and an end to U.S. energy exports to new hits like an end to fracking, which has powered the nation’s energy boom and propelled us to a position of energy security we’ve not had since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo.

In the name of fighting climate change, the Democrats who want to be president have promised to ban offshore drilling, energy pipeline construction, the purchase of new gasoline-powered automobiles, plastic straws and plastic bags.

Some might call that insanity, but they’re all adhering to this agenda in one fashion or another. Most people laughed back in the ‘80s when then-Sen. Al Gore in his book “Earth in the Balance” called the internal combustion engine “the greatest threat to mankind.” Now it’s official policy, which means the Democrats setting the agenda have decided the party’s green elements are more important than its blue-collar ones.

Not every Democrat still in the race supports every policy on the list, but they’re all in for at least part of it. Their anti-energy positions make them anti-worker, anti-progress and anti-America at least anti the America we live in today. Wind and solar won’t cut it as far as our energy needs go, nor can we replace all our plastic bags with burlap. That’s the thinking of Luddites, not of the enlightened.

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