- - Sunday, February 9, 2020

Regarding the recent article by Andrew Napolitano on the impropriety of President Trump’s actions with Ukraine, how does the former judge know that Mr. Trump was not sincerely trying to investigate corruption rather than just trying to do damage to a political opponent (“President Trump acquitted but not exonerated,” Web, Feb. 5)? Would Mr. Trump’s request have been legitimate if Joe Biden had not been running for president?

Hunter Biden’s employment by Burisma was clearly unethical. I wonder what Christmas present Hunter bought for his dad with the million or so dollars that Burisma paid him. That’s money that can likely be traced back to a U.S.-aid package. If Joe Biden wasn’t aware of what was going on, he truly was Mr. Magoo. As a U.S. citizen I would very much would like to know if a potential future president were involved in such a scheme to enrich a member of his family in this way.

The implication that Mr. Trump was asking Ukraine to “dig up dirt” on a political opponent is incorrect and prejudicial. He was asking them to dig up the truth. “Digging up dirt” is what the Clinton campaign did with the Fusion GPS report.

What the House did to impeach the president was like ivestigating a bank robbery when no money left the bank or looking into arson when there was no fire. The Democrats didn’t accuse Mr. Trump of a high crime, but a thought crime. If this is the best logic Mr. Napolitano can come up with, between judges like him and a corrupt FBI our judicial system is in trouble.


Gettysburg, Pa.

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