- - Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I read with interest about the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar (“A Trump calendar, forever?” Web, Dec. 31). While the op-ed makes some good points, the fact that the proposed calendar doesn’t reset for each astronomical year is a fatal flaw, in my opinion. Like the Gregorian calendar it seeks to replace, it has 12 months, as if quarter years on monthly boundaries are somehow sacred. But the only real immovable is the seven-day week.

Thirteen months of 28 days and four seven-day weeks each would solve the problem more elegantly. The first 12 months would use the month names in current use, while the 13th month (Thirtember?) would have a 29th day, with a 30th day every four years (and the required subtraction every 400 years).

And if one wants to have each month start on a Monday, call the 29th and 30th “extra” days (X day and Y day?), so that the last week of a leap year would be nine days, abbreviated M-T-W-T-F-S-S-X-Y. It’s so simple, even the rest of the world might go along.


Vienna, Va.

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