- - Monday, January 13, 2020

Democrat-controlled states including New York, California, New Jersey and Virginia are allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses — and in those states all you need in order to vote is a driver’s license. Democrats complain until the cows come home whenever Republicans want to mandate voter ID cards and birth certificates to prove place of birth; they have cried disenfranchisement and gotten their way. Just watch this coming presidential election and see the mess that ensues in those states when illegals vote by the droves.

President Trump ought to issue an executive order stating that any illegal immigrant caught attempting to vote will lose the right to ever become a citizen. Trump should also have ICE agents at polling places checking all driver’s licenses. This will surely discourage any illegal immigrants from voting.

As an Arizona resident, I am ashamed of my state for being one of the ones that caved in to the Democrats. All the left’s talk over the past three years about how Trump ‘stole an election’ is the height of hypocrisy. Stealing an election is precisely what the Democratic Party is trying to do this year. They have no shame.

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Sun City West, Ariz.

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