- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 18, 2020

“America is full of romantics” concludes a sizable new YouGov poll which finds that the majority of the nation believes in the existence of “soulmates” — an ideal life partner and kindred spirit.

The majority of the country — 56% of U.S. adults — believe that it is possible to have a soulmate — and a lucky 43% say that have met and are “currently in a relationship” with their soulmate.

“If you live in the South, you’re particularly likely to believe in soulmates,” the poll analysis said, noting that 64% of Southern folks believe in soulmates, along with 57 percent of Northeast residents and exactly half of those who live in the Midwest or the West.

Men (46%) are more likely than women (40%) to say they’ve met their soulmate, and are currently either dating or married to them.

“Adults over 55, who of course have had the most time to find their perfect match, are especially likely (47%) to say they’re currently in a relationship with their soulmate,” the analysis said.

The rest of the poll respondents were a mix of skepticism and a little hope as well:

• 19% of Americans say they have not met their soulmate and don’t ever expect to meet them.

• 18% are unsure if they have met their soulmate.

• 12% say they have not met their soul mate but expect to meet them in the future.

• 8% say they met their soulmate but are not in a relationship with them.

The YouGov poll of 4,529 U.S. adults was conducted Jan. 15 and released Friday.

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