- - Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Beginning in December and running thru January, newspapers, TV talking heads, the fitness industry and magazine periodicals busy themselves with questionnaires, tips and long-form articles offering advice and cautions about how one can successfully change a behavior. After a few weeks, virtually everyone polled admits that they have fallen off the proverbial resolution wagon. But there is hope for those who are serious, even desperate, to improve their daily lives and self-esteem.

A dear friend of mine is having great results with a totally new practice: Intermediate naps. Beginning on a Saturday, she recommends, get up a little earlier than usual, then prepare and eat a large, high-fat breakfast. Turn the thermostat down to a cooler setting, find a boring book and a warm blanket and settle down in the most comfortable chair in a quiet part of the home. A fluffy pillow or two will help. Keep the lights low. Then, after 30 minutes (or up to two hours), she reports, you will find yourself awakened and refreshed. Repeat on Sunday. If you work during the week, these two days will have given your body sufficient “muscle memory” so that the new habit can be repeated, with minor adjustments, somewhere in a dark corner at the office.

Take along an alarm clock so you can be awake by lunch (which should be high-fat, of course). By now you will have integrated this new regime into daily life and can enjoy the extraordinary pleasure of keeping at least one resolution. Happy New Year to all.


Loveland, Ohio

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