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Since the beginning of the 2020 campaign season, Donald Trump has been behind in almost every single poll.

When there were 16 Democrats running, America was presented with polls showing that he’d lose to almost every single one of them — and now that the nominee is former Vice President Joe Biden, we are shown polls weekly that have Mr. Biden ahead by more than 10 points, as well as winning every battleground state. Those numbers seem not only illogical, but unbelievable — because they are — and the behavior of Democrats backs that up.

Democrats are acting with the same grasping-for-straws panic that they have been since 2016. After Hillary Clinton lost, there were excuses — then they blamed Russian collusion, James Comey, obstruction of justice, something about a phone call to Ukraine … the list goes on and on. It was a manic cacophony of noise with evidence ranging from anonymous sources all the way to people who cashed in on their government service by selling anti-Trump books. Surely, a political party with such a commanding lead wouldn’t need to do any of this, right?

Let’s break down how confident Democrats are with Mr. Biden’s polling numbers with their actions in just the past few weeks.

If Democrats believed the polls, you wouldn’t see The New York Times demanding real-time leftist fact checkers and Mr. Trump’s tax returns in order for the former vice president to show up for a debate. Surely, he would be able to show up and dominate Mr. Trump in a debate — after all, Americans in every poll dislike the president. Why do they need reasons to not debate? And why would they care about Mr. Trump’s tax returns — in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference — at this point, what difference does it make?”

If Democrats believed the polls, why were there protests blocking the road to Mr. Trump’s 4th of July celebration and speech at Mount Rushmore? After all, Mr. Trump is on television speaking most every day during the first two months of the coronavirus pandemic. What would change if people could freely show up to a rally at Mount Rushmore?

Speaking of rallies, Democrats were unbelievably excited, shocked even, that Mr. Trump didn’t completely fill the arena at his Tulsa rally. Why would that be? If Democrats believed the polls, why would they care? The former vice president is so far ahead that low attendance would have made logical sense and been a boring cause and effect. Wouldn’t it? 

Back to the coronavirus pandemic. If Democrats believed the polls, why did they care that Mr. Trump briefed the nation every day for months during the early stages of the pandemic. Surely, if the polls were correct and he was losing so badly while being on television every day, you’d want him to keep showing up on television every day to solidify his continued losing.

If Democrats believed the polls, why would there be a need to ban conservatives and conservative pages from social media? If the numbers were accurate, then according to logic, the pages and people they ban would simply continue to hurt Mr. Trump’s re-election bid.

If Democrats believed the polls, they wouldn’t be pushing the weakest Russia story to date — that Mr. Trump was briefed on Russians bribing enemy forces to kill Americans. I’m still at a loss as to why this is national news, other than to continue to push the Russian collusion hoax that was completely disproven by Robert Mueller.  

If Democrats believed the polls, they wouldn’t try to rewrite the pandemic’s history, where the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, causing the greatest centralized loss of death in America during this time and where the left called Mr. Trump a racist and xenophobe for blocking travel from China.

If Democrats believed the polls, Hunter Biden wouldn’t have gone missing from the public eye months ago.

Actions speak louder than words — and where Democrats continue to spike the football with their words by touting double-digit leads by the former vice president over President Trump, their behavior remains panicked, violent and desperate. Winners exert confidence and understand that their time is coming. There’s no need for them to continue to pile on their opponent and burn the system to the ground — but they know they aren’t winning and their time isn’t coming.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, losers would scratch and claw, scream and bring violence into what should be peaceful. They get louder and flail when they know their time is coming to an end. Ever watch a playoff football game when it’s a blowout? The losers always start pushing and mouthing off at the winners when they know the inevitable loss is coming.

That’s why, if Democrats believed the polls, there wouldn’t be riots. They would instead only need to wait a few months to take control of our government, defund the police and erase the American history that they claim offends them.

Democrats don’t believe the polls.

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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