- - Thursday, July 2, 2020

When “Democratic socialism” comes, we’ll deserve forfeiting America’s signature quality. Not just liberty itself, but our understanding that effort, pride, motivation, failure and success are as essential to the joy of freedom as the end result. With socialism, effort is secondary. Obscenely taxed workers fund communal support while politicians and lobbyists prosper.

Scandinavian nations aren’t socialist, but the Green New Deal absolutely is. It gives government total control of industries such as energy, transportation and health care. Joe Biden approves, vowing to eliminate fracking jobs. Architect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advises him.

Rebrand it all you want, but socialism remains a failed Marxist manifesto that has only brought oppression and horrific loss of life. Are we really this ignorant?

America was meticulously crafted to give the majority of people the greatest chance at independent lives as possible. It’s the purest application of liberty ever conceived by imperfect humans, ultimately ending entrenched slavery. Socialism crushes it, seeking cookie-cutter lives for workers, and wealth and power only for ruling elites.

Dependence is coming. And the abrasiv- yet-effective president removed for personality warts won’t be here to blame. Just weak citizens, addicted to self-absorption and virtue signaling, unwilling to make the effort liberty requires, and too dim to know they’ve traded it for chains.


Irwin, Pa.

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