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“Trump vs. Biden 2020” is not only a critical point in U.S. political history; it’s an election that will determine the “status” of our country in the world political context. This while having dramatic and potentially disastrous effects — if Joe Biden wins — on our national security.

China sees it that way as well, but there is far more at stake for it, if that can be imagined. So much so that it will proactively interfere in our election process — it has no choice. In fact, if Mr. Biden doesn’t win, China is screwed, and its leaders know it.

China’s motivation is threefold: To avoid its obvious responsibility for COVID–19, its violent oppression in Hong Kong and genocidal treatment of millions of Uighurs. And, China also wants to replace us as the world’s economic leader and replace the dollar with its manipulated and contrived yuan currency. This despite most consider its currency as one without a “real central value” — unlike the dollar that remains, like gold, a world standard. 

How does/will China do this? 

Very simple: It bribes/pays off whoever, wherever and whatever is necessary to get what it wants, whether it’s access to a market, a trade secret or a specific decision it wants or need to get the financial or political advantage it wants. This works very well in most of the world, especially where public officials are paid very little or nothing — and are expected to collect bribes as a substitute for a salary. Such public perversion has long existed in traditional Chinese culture. In fact, it’s the way most of the corrupt world “works” — and to the general ignorance of the West.

Why China wants Joe Biden and Joe Biden wants China:

Mr. Biden wants to get back in power so that he can restart big cash payments to his family, covered by some ruse of a business relationship. Such as he did when he was vice president — with millions of dollars paid to his son in various schemes. And Joe will say and do anything to get his family back on the gravy train in China and wherever else he can. Does Joe actually have to say: “Pay my kid lots of money if you want me to help you and put the fix in for any trade or access deal?” No, but just like the Mafia, the money flows and everyone knows what it’s paid for. 

“Political truth number one” — if Joe Biden wins: 

We are back on the path of supporting China’s ascendency to be the world’s foremost economic power, mostly by cheating, stealing and bribery — all very traditional business practices in China. And, from a national security standpoint, this essentially grants/defers to China total control over the Asia-Pacific region. It will charge big fees to traverse the South China Sea and soon will take control of Taiwan, using the same combination of techniques it used in Hong Kong. 

“Political truth number two” — if Joe Biden wins:

There will be a huge political shift toward socialism for most of our country. All we have to do to imagine this is look at how the Democratic Party and DNC run our biggest and most corrupt cities: New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are the “best worst” examples. 

And, what this also means:

• Continued disenfranchisement of the police and domestic law enforcement, especially in the larger cities and states with Democratic administrations, causing dramatic increases in violent crimes. 

• Chicago and NYC will spin to new highs of violent crime, where innocent children are targets.

• Anti-gun programs will work to disarm law abiding citizens and arm criminals. Violent armed robberies and home invasions will set new records.

• Huge expansion of broad-based welfare programs, and equally huge property tax increases in suburbs and rural areas.

• Chicago and Illinois will finally go bankrupt and other states and cities will follow into bankruptcy with “junk bond” credit ratings.

• Huge expansion of Medicare and Medicaid programs, including massive increase of premiums for people with jobs. 

• Social Security will likely risk “defunding” to support a full range of other welfare programs.

• Vastly decreased border security, immigration controls and deportations – essentially the creation and enforced maintenance of open borders.

• Broad-based public welfare and health care programs for illegal aliens.

• “Catch and release” for the most serious and violent crimes and career criminals. Even the most dangerous will be released — and they will commit more violent crimes.

• Broad-based rate increases for both personal and corporate income taxes.

• Re-regulation of entire energy sectors — which will put millions out of work in our energy-centric states. In effect, this will be “a war on the Red States” by the Democratic-controlled federal government. 

• Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico. This one move could easily mean a Democratic majority in Congress for the indefinite future, perhaps never to be reversed.

Probably the most serious and immediate negative effect of a move to the left, i.e., Joe Biden in November, will be the end of our amazing prosperity of the past few years — this, as massive resources are diverted from the private sector to public-sector welfare programs. 

Ironically, by far the largest beneficiaries of Donald Trump’s creative economic policies have been American women, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. Also ironically, these defined groups will suffer the most in an imposed welfare state, as private-sector job opportunities evaporate.  

Will we ever be able to recover? Oddly, this will likely become the question of the year — even the decade — if Joe Biden is elected president this year. In such an event, the combined negative effects on our economy, world standing and national security could do severe and permanent damage to our great country.

• Daniel Gallington served in senior national security positions.

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