- - Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The left-wing public relations machine, including the Democrats, socialists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and their shills in the media, have come up with another whopper. They are so desperate to create a better look for the violent, criminal and deadly protests — including, unfortunately, much violent behavior from people of color — that they now want you to believe “Umbrella Man” is a White supremacist and/or Hells Angels member.

This is big news, coming as it did a day after the Democrats were humiliated when the nation witnessed on national TV the reality of the carnage coming from these dangerous leftist “protesters.” I’ll bet five years of my lunch money that the “Umbrella Man” story was formulated to be so nefarious that for good people to question its validity would mean the receipt of a virtual crescendo of accusations of racism. One can easily see the very politically incorrect, take-no-prisoners President Trump at a briefing, saying he thinks the story may be bogus. It’s a trap — just watch the left-wing media machine rain down all sorts of phony, rehearsed outrage. I can see it now: ‘Trump defends white supremacists’ would be the story of the week.

The real response from the conservative media should be the strong opinion that the “Umbrella Man” story was an intentionally manufactured bit of fake news cunningly designed to deflect blame from BLM, Antifa and the leftist terrorists at the heart of the devastation we’re now seeing. This is just the latest despicable example of the left willing to stoop to the lowest level of moral bankruptcy to insult their supporters’ intelligence and loyalty.


Prescott Valley, Ariz.

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