- - Sunday, July 5, 2020

I read with interest “Hundreds of former George W. Bush officials reportedly set to endorse Biden” (Web, July 1). Where were all of these former officials when the other 16 candidates were running against then-candidate Trump in 2016? Where have they been during these three-and-half years of President Trump’s term in office, when comparisons between his policies and the Democrats’ dangerous progressive agenda would have been very enlightening for the country to hear? Where were they when the Democrats carried out their disgraceful attempt to remove President Trump from office by any means possible?

The Republicans were so concerned before 2016 that Mr. Trump would not support the eventual Republican presidential nominee — but few, if any, bothered to give him the same concern and support him as the nominee.

President George W. Bush was no saint or Moses coming down from the mount. He made some dumb decisions but he was also a great president at a time when we needed him to be one. President Trump is very similar during this multi-threat period and he deserves the support of the Republican leadership — including former presidents and their “former officials.”

Supporting Joe Biden is direct support for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, “AOC” and the rest of the progressive Democratic movement that has done so much damage to our country. Mr. Biden will most likely be nothing more than a mouthpiece and unable to control these activist Democrats who want to fund increased illegal immigration in their COVID-19-funding bills.

President Trump was accepted into the Republican Party, probably with the hope of increasing interest in the 2016 crop of presidential wannabes. Well, he did. And now the Republicans want to turn over the keys to the country to the person most likely to drop them.


Bowie, Md.

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