- - Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I am as troubled by President Trump’s wayward tongue, tweets and tirades as most of the mainstream media (“In a world of designer fake news, Trump can do nothing right,” Web, June 16). But I also look for the other side of the story and find most critics wanting when, in bashing Mr. Trump’s response to the pandemic, they fail to indicate that the response around the globe was no more skillful or effective.

It is true that Mr. Trump rides thermals of megalomania and mendacity and that vainglory often shields him from the truth. Carrying a china shop in his mouth and blinded by self-regard, the president cannot step away from the spotlight, nor can he credit that his instant and often thoughtless remarks may accrue actual injury to others. But it is also true that some coruscating commentators, feasting on Trump phobia, have allowed their hatred of the man to encumber their judgment and abridge the full narrative.

Readers of the news are generally well-informed and should not be force-fed an incomplete and often false version of current events.



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