- - Monday, June 22, 2020

Watching the “The View” on rare occasion always reminds me of how wrong liberals are because they make assumptions based on false scenarios. On a recent episode show host Sunny Hostin remarked that people were taught their own race’s superiority based on other minority groups’ inferiority. This is a crazy assumption. I was born white and am as happy as the next person to be who I am. I was never taught I was superior to anyone, only that I had to work and be kind to all and love God.

The vast majority of the people raised when and where I was were Christians, and no Christians in those days were taught that they were superior or that anyone else was inferior. It makes me sick that liberals still believe this and still try to make up the lie that we are a racist nation. Of course, people come from different walks of life, and some are of a lower moral rank than others.

Such a system of ranking is not a racist notion, and someone working a blue-collar job can have more dignity and morality than someone in a white-collar profession. It is wrong to view different races as innately having different ranks, and this is a problem that liberal Democrats have. They need to get back to church.


Virginia Beach, Va.

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