- - Thursday, June 25, 2020

When is enough enough? We have had riots and murders in our streets for a month with Black Lives Matter leading the protesters and anarchists. This has turned into persecution of the white race and all cops, as well as anyone who is not Black.

We know there needs to be police reform, but there also needs to be justice for all those races and colors who have had their businesses and properties destroyed.

Those governors and mayors who refused to uphold the law violated their oaths of office to protect the people. They in turn forced their police to be derelict in their duties, allowing chaos in our cities. These are criminal acts that we should demand be prosecuted.

The leaders of these protests ought to be made to get a permit and a designated area in which to protest. Many states require permits to protests but didn’t enforce their laws when it came to these race riots.

Considering the above derelictions of duty and the laws violated, I have made up a petition on whitehouse.gov to prosecute governors and mayors who were complicit in allowing anarchists to overthrow our state governments while continuing to destroy peoples lives. I need 100,000 to send the petition to the authorities to take action. If you care about your country, I hope you will sign.


Warrenville, S.C.

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