- - Sunday, June 28, 2020

When I was a child watching news reels about Adolf Hitler, I wondered how such a man and his followers could have attained control of Germany. How could his Brownshirt thugs have run around unimpeded, attacking, burning, looting and intimidating the citizens? Now, at the age of 82, I am at last finding the answer to that question as I see the same horrifying scenario playing out in my own country. If it isn’t stopped, we are heading for disaster.

The National Socialist Party (Nazis) understood that in order to achieve their goal, they had to control the narrative. They gained control of the press and disposed of anyone who dared write the truth. Today, Democratic Party supporters in the network, print and entertainment media control about 85% of the narrative. People who try to oppose it are censored.

The radical left has tried just about everything to destroy President Trump and his administration. Nothing has worked. He has exposed the dirty maneuvering of the Democrats and reinvigorated the economy. Now that the election is nearing, the Democrats know something has to be done. Enter their version of the Brownshirts.

The Nazis’ Brownshirts created a martyr to rally around as an excuse to create mayhem. His name was “Horst Wessel.” They cared nothing about the man, only about his value as a martyr. The Democrats are using George Floyd in exactly the same way. Most Americans believe the anarchy in our cities is spontaneous. I believe it’s been planned and well-coordinated. I also believe our intelligence agencies know who is organizing and funding the protesters.

Now every voice on the left is calling for continuing the “lockdown” to avoid a resurgence of the very convenient “pandemic” gifted to us by China. This is good reason, they say, to approve mail-in ballots we all know are an invitation for massive voter fraud. All of this is political action created and coordinated by the Democrats in order to regain power. When they do, they will “fundamentally transform” the country — and this time it will be permanent.


Ijamsville, Md.

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