- - Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Our collective hearts broke when we witnessed the tragic death of George Floyd. People across the United States, from President Trump to the average citizen, expressed horror at what occurred and called for justice. For a moment, we all threw away our differences and became united in outrage and indignation. Surely the moment for change had arrived.

Things started to sour, though, when rioters and looters began a reign of terror in cities across the country. Bombastic rhetoric was plastered across store fronts, churches were vandalized and burned, and businesses both large and small were decimated. Just like that, the unity faded away. Now anger and mayhem are spreading across the land.

An important distinction must be made when analyzing what is occurring. Those who are protesting the death of an innocent man and who want change within the system are noble in their endeavors and goals. These protesters are the flag bearers of the changes we all desperately want to see. However, those looting and rioting should not be seen in the same light as those peacefully protesting. Whereas the protesters want a better world, the looters and rioters want strife and destruction.

It is therefore imperative the country understand that while the protest is a welcome expression of our constitutional rights, violence and terror must always be condemned, shunned and quashed. Failure to do so will only bring more misery to the country and will create a dangerous precedent in which the fury of the mob becomes acceptable behavior.

That is something that must never happen.


Sapporo, Japan

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