- - Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It’s an ill wind that blows no good. The good that can come from our present distress is the final realization that we have long been subsidizing our own problems. Funding institutions of higher education that for two generations have had an anti-American atmosphere has come to a head, as a large majority of the destructive Black Lives Matter crowd is made up of white, “university-educated” women.

The days when you could work your way through college and graduate not only debt-free but educated disappeared soon after President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. Since then, billions of dollars in government money have been granted to institutions that were once independent. Student loans have put a lifelong, life-altering debt on the shoulders of graduates, making socialism with all its freebies sound like a great idea.

Add to this a curriculum that supplants American ideals with Marxism and you shed not grace but poison into our society.

The recently passed CARE Act contains $12.5 billion for universities.

If you want an answer when you call 911, defund universities and student loans, not the police.



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