- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Former Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant denounced the ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” as a downright lie and called former teammate Michael Jordan a snitch.

In an interview Tuesday on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Grant tore into the claim by Jordan on the smash-hit 10-part series that he was the source of the Sam Smith book “The Jordan Rules,” which painted an unflattering portrait of its superstar subject.

“It is a downright, outright, completely lie,” Grant said. “Lie, lie, lie.”

Grant called the show, for which he appeared and denied being the source there too, a Jordan puff piece.

“If MJ had a grudge with me, let’s settle this like men … Let’s talk about it. Or we can settle it another way. But yet and still, he goes out and puts this lie out that I was the source behind” the book, he said, going on to claim that Jordan holds a grudge against him.

“I think he proved that during this so-called documentary,” he said. “If you say something about him, he’s going to cut you off, he’s going to try to destroy your character.”

He also turned the “snitch” charge against Jordan, noting that he too violated the unwritten code that whatever happens in the locker room stays in the locker room — which the source for “The Jordan Rules” would have violated.

“He said that I was the snitch, but yet and still after 35 years he brings up his rookie year going into one of his teammates’ rooms and seeing coke, and weed and women. My point is: Why the hell did he want to bring that up? What’s that got to do with anything? I mean, if you want to call somebody a snitch, that’s a damn snitch right there,” Grant told the radio show “Kap and Co,” according to an account in TMZ.

He also called the docuseries as a whole as entertaining but largely “B.S.” slanted to favor Jordan.

“It wasn’t real — because a lot of things [Jordan] said to some of his teammates, that his teammates went back at him. But, all of that was kind of edited out of the documentary, if you want to call it a documentary,” Grant said.

The two men won three consecutive championships together, but, during the nearly two-year interregnum during which Jordan unsuccessfully pursued a baseball career, Grant signed as a free agent for the Orlando Magic.

In Jordan’s first, partial, season back, the Magic eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs, though the Bulls reversed the result the next season, the first of three more consecutive Chicago championships.

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