- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 12, 2020

It may be unfortunate but things don’t happen by accident. The global bio attack knocked the roaring economy out from under Donald Trump’s easily assured second term. This was big and quite the success. It may have taken them four years to overthrow an American president, but it would seem they just may have finally accomplished it without firing a shot. This was the short-term coup hatched four years ago by those within the gates.

The reaction to the bio attack in terms of entire populations bowing down to immediate totalitarian rule was revealing, if not shocking. No one could have guessed how easy it would be to remove ingrained, inherent rights and liberties and lock down all activities of the freest nation in the world.

The lack of pushback only has emboldened those planners and plotters. Now they know what they can do and exactly what Americans will do, which appears to be nothing. They now realize they can steal this election, install exactly what they want and the deal will be done. The long-term coup to bring down America will be set to hit hyper speed.

The last chance for Americans is the current, yet-to-be-resolved election. Are there still enough power brokers on the side of the free world? Mr. Trump and 71 million Americans will either get in the fight now and succeed — or it will be time to close up shop.

Greta, the first globalist pope, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union, George Soros, the Democratic Party, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Media, socialists and communists and the “squads” of the world are emboldened and salivating as they smell blood in the water.


Columbia, Md.

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