- - Sunday, November 15, 2020

In a professional football game, sometimes the offense knows they have committed a foul. Perhaps someone was off-side, a dropped pass was ruled a catch, a player was ineligible or some other kind of penalty occurred, and for some reason it wasn’t called right away. Then, in order to keep the incorrect call from being overturned on review, the offense hurries up to the line of scrimmage and tries to snap the ball for the next play as fast as possible. If the ball can be snapped before the referees can call time out and correct the mistake, the game goes forward as if nothing wrong had happened.

The people on both sides of this presidential election know full well that there have been voting irregularities. How extensive ballot-box stuffing, undercounting or other methods of fraud was is unknown, but each day more and more people are coming forward with eyewitness accounts of voter fraud. Yet, it is the Biden people who are yelling, “Hurry up!” They want to pretend that nothing illegal occurred when they all know a lot of illegitimate votes were counted. They want to be awarded the presidency before any review shows they didn’t win it fairly.

A Biden apologist may well ask, “Even if there was cheating, was it enough to sway the election?” That, of course, is not the point. Some of us don’t want a president who had to cheat to get elected, especially if he has an inner circle that sanctioned and encouraged such criminal conduct.

The more Mr. Biden’s people try to hurry things along, the guiltier they seem. We know they’re completely cognizant of their own cheating and are just trying to get away with it before the play is reviewed by the impartial referees.


Dakota, Ill.

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