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Although we wait for the true results of the 2020 presidential election, we can observe that President Trump’s brand of Republicanism is the big victor. It will endure long after the Sleepy Joe’s and Kamala Harris’ slouch to Gomorrah is on the ash heap of history.

The foundation for the future that Mr. Trump laid appears to be so strong that the only way to defeat it is to lay waste to any vestige of Americanism and our institutions. And that includes resorting to cheating to try and disenfranchise more than 70 million voters.

Even as the radical left was outspending Republicans in races, sometimes 5-1 and more, Republicans kept the majority in the U.S. Senate (although the 2 Georgia Senate seats are in a runoff), flipped U.S. House seats from Democrat to Republican, flipped a couple of state legislatures to Republican while keeping every Republican legislature, and generally had a very successful down-ballot election.

Where do we go from here?

The Democrats are cracking in a way that looks like an inevitable split. The not-so-far-left crowd blames the defund the police and other radical rhetoric of the new Democrat base as undermining their electability.

The party of the radical left now includes three defined segments: the authoritarian, neo-Marxists such as AOC and the Squad; the institutional left consisting of education, media and boards of directors of big companies; and the wanderers who are simply not-as-far-left.

The wanderers are people like Conor Lamb, Pennsylvania Democrat, and Abigail Spanberger, Virginia Democrat. They are members of the House who tell their voters how bipartisan and what uniters they are, while they vote with newly minted authoritarian leftie, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, almost 100% of the time.

At some point, the wanderers will either have to quit the party that wants to defund the police, eliminate fossil fuels, raise taxes, take away your gun rights, and OKs “post-birth abortions,” or lose to candidates who resemble the America first message of Donald J. Trump.

While the left-wing media apparatus is giddy because to them the election looks like a smackdown of Mr. Trump, they are missing the fact that the president has remodeled the Republican Party and built an infrastructure that can be quite enduring. In fact, it is ironic that the Trump Party is emerging as the most potent force in American politics. It overcame seemingly endless amounts of money for its opponents, a cacophony of hateful media coverage and censorship of its message, and ultimately, what appears to be systemic cheating.

We Republicans have our own malcontents. The hate-filled Lincoln Project raised and spent millions trying to prevent Mr. Trump from reelection. post-election, they are trying to attack any who help the president fight through the legal options to contest the election.

Since they truly don’t like the president as a person or as a president, nor the Republican Party that he took from its moribund place to one that catalyzes a broad coalition of more than 70 million voters, they should probably exit the party and join the Democrat authoritarians where they might feel more at home.

After all, their penchant of attacking and trying to wreck the lives of people who are working for the president more resembles totalitarian, Marxism than free market Americanism. And their adherence to international adventurism will likely find a home with the Democrat authoritarians at the same time it has been rejected by the vast majority of the Trump Republicans.

The other crack in the Republican edifice is the uniparty folks. These are the people who are the political elite, the individuals who prefer the old, pre-Trump status quo. The president always refers to them as the Swamp. They aren’t typically broad-picture, philosophically driven. They are in it for personal gain. So, you see they don’t really care which party is in power just so long as we return to a place where the bureaucracy and lobbyists can build fiefdoms and arrogate money to them.

After the lawsuits and recounts (heck, Arizona is still trying to finish its first count), regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, America will still be Trump country. The coalition of blue-collar workers, minority voters, first-time voters and MAGA-America firsters will likely endure in the coming elections. Looks like President Trump is the winner after all.

• Andy Biggs is a Republican U.S. representative for Arizona.

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