- - Monday, November 16, 2020

Robert Knight correctly points out the irony of Democrats now calling for “unity” after having trashed President Trump and his supporters for four years (“Democrats calling for unity but vow for vengeance,” Web, Nov. 15). Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution provides a remedy that could satisfy all sides and cool inflamed passions.

Under Article II, section 1 of the Constitution, state legislatures are given the power to appoint “in such Manner as” they may direct, Electors for president and, most importantly, as directed by the 12th Amendment, separately for vice president.

As there is no constitutional requirement for a popular vote for president and vice president, legislatures may act independently. Still, and assuming election challenges ultimately fail, state legislatures may wish to respect the majority vote of their residents, even if doing so results in deep divisions in their state and the country.

One way to avoid lingering and destructive animosity would be for a state legislature to appoint a slate of electors pledged to Joe Biden for president, and a separate slate of electors pledged to Donald Trump for vice president. Far-fetched? Maybe, but constitutionally permissible.

Consider, too, that the majority of state legislatures, representing 304 electoral votes, are controlled by Republicans, including the legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Both sides would benefit from a Biden presidency with Mr. Trump as vice president. The possibility of a 50-50 split in the Senate would be less concerning with Mr. Trump being able to cast the deciding vote if necessary. Additionally, President Biden would have little to fear from calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, which was the case with President Trump.

If the desire for “unity” is sincere, Vice President Trump is the solution.


Kensington, Md.

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