- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A conversation on a New York radio station took a surprising turn on Tuesday when Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke out against the news media’s hostile and disrespectful treatment of President Trump.

“There is a nastier tone now with the press, not just in New York but all across the nation. There’s a nastiness, a disrespect that never existed before,” Mr. Cuomo said in an interview Tuesday with WAMC, a public radio station based in Albany.

He also imagined how his father and New York former governor, Mario Cuomo, would have handled such behavior.

If anyone had used the tone that they use with me in some of these press conferences with my old man, you’d be lucky if he didn’t come around and deck you,” Mr. Cuomo said.

He was particularly annoyed with the behavior of reporters.

“The way they question President Trump in some of these press conferences — I’ve never heard that tone used with a president. There’s supposed to be decorum. You can not like the person, or disrespect that person — but there’s still an institution that each person represents,” Mr. Cuomo continued.

“There are reporters who are just unprofessional. They don’t know the facts and ask really biased questions. They come with a question to fit what their editor wants for that night. There are reporters who ask questions which are unintelligent,” he said.

The governor also reinforced what was once a basic rule in the White House.

“You want to say, well, I don’t like the president, and I disrespect him, but it’s still the office of the president,” Mr. Cuomo said.

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