- - Thursday, November 26, 2020

With Thanksgiving now passed, Americans have entered into their yearly no-man’s-land until the mid- to late-December holidays. Psychologically we are in a similar state of limbo, as we wait for both a new presidential administration (as of this writing not a done deal) and COVID-19 vaccines to flow into the American bloodstream. All this waiting, especially with the onerous lockdowns taking place in many parts of the country, is maddening.

The anger is understandable, but Americans should not succumb. Much better, instead, to look forward. There is a saying often intoned in the armed forces that “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” Well, this is precisely what the country should be doing right now, in four general categories.

First, children. One should always — are you listening lockdown evangelists? — think of the effect policies have on children. But the fact of the matter is that lockdowns will eventually end, hopefully in the new year. Our children will return to in-person learning, baseball fields will open up and socializing will commence. This may not seem like it, but depending on the age of the child, it constitutes a big step. Nearly a year of you’re-going-to-die-tomorrow messaging has likely worked its way into their heads. We need to help them snap out, put it in the rear view, and go on and live life to the fullest.

Second, work. We are all going back, and that means for the majority of us, in person. Again, just like we advise our children, we, too, need to prepare for what this means since the totality of our schedules will likely upend. Again, this is all for the better, but Americans should prepare now to accommodate the shift, especially families with children in the home.

Third, health. The “COVID 15” weight gain is real. We have, all of us, been forced to live a more sedentary life. The promise of open gyms, fields, yoga classes, etc. is just on the horizon. It’s not just the American economy that has grown sluggish, but literally the American body. A return to vitality is most welcome, which is why planning, now, for how to get back in shape is important.

Finally, government. Americans must never, ever, ever forget how we got in such bad shape in the first place. The extreme lockdowns and the resulting small-business failures, to say nothing of the stress placed on our social fabric, have to be remembered so that in the new year we ensure nothing like this happens again. We should plan now, while we have time, how to make the government more accountable in the future.

2020 will, in a month, come to a close. The success of our 2021 should be planned for now, before the “experts” plan it for us.

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