- - Thursday, November 26, 2020

I don’t know whether there was election fraud in the Nov. 3 election, but there was certainly ample opportunity for it. This is not the first time such fraud has been alleged, either.

In 1960, President Kennedy was said to have been elected by dead and relocated Chicago voters “resurrected” by Mayor Richard Daley. Richard Nixon refused to look into the allegations, claiming doing so would divide the country. Thus, alleged fraud was allowed to continue. It apparently became so bad several decades ago that a committee was assembled and co-chaired by Jimmy Carter and James Baker, who concluded there was a problem and submitted a series of recommendations to Congress to fix the issue.

As one would surmise, Congress, benefitting from the faulty system, took no action. That leads us to today, where it appears that large-scale fraud may have occurred. If Joe Biden is so sure there was no such fraud and he was truly elected by only U.S. citizens of sound mind, those living residents of the jurisdictions in which they voted, then he should welcome an investigation into the alleged fraud. He should also allow the courts to review the evidence presented, as he would be entitled to present evidence as well.

Those Republicans who are telling President Trump to roll over and play dead are doing as Nixon did. And they are ignoring the facts found by a commission led by a prominent leader from each political party.

Ours is a system that appears to be so corrupt, it makes us more like a third-world nation than the leader of the free world. It is time to shine a light on the corruption and establish hard and fast election rules by which all states must abide.


Woodbridge, Va.

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