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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Remember the tea party? The grassroots backlash against high-spending Republicans In Name Only who went to Congress on promises of reeling in government, only to promptly forget their constituents and instead work with Democrats to pass, frankly, Democratic pieces of legislation and policy?

The movement’s been a bit quiet in recent times.

But they’re not dead.

They’ve not disbanded. They’ve not disappeared.

They’re not even disillusioned.

Nashville, Tennessee, has a thriving tea party presence — thriving, kicking, storming strong and politically charged. More than 202,000 follow the Nashville Tea Party page. More than that followed the group on LinkedIn — until they got booted, that is, said Nashville Tea Party founder Ben Cunningham. For what? The usual reasons: for the crime of being conservative; for the audacity of pointing out the corruption of political officials.

But that hasn’t dented their enthusiasm, or their dedication to cause.

In a sit-down chat in her downtown Nashville home, tea party board member Raphaela “Rae” Keohane, a transplant from Brooklyn, New York, said the Democrats are destroying Music City — just as they destroy everything — just as they’ll destroy the nation if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win this November.

“If Biden gets in, by some chance — the devil is really working hard, and I don’t mean that as a joke — if he gets in and packs the court, we’re done. We’re done. And there is no place else to go,” she said.

What she meant was the country would crumble, turn socialist, turn Marxist, turn into something other than America the free — and that the turning would be so great that recovery would be impossible. And if America goes, where go the lovers of individual freedom?

It’s an argument that dots this election like no other previous election. Why? Trump, the great disruptor in chief, has shined the light brightly on the globalist cockroaches both in this country and not of this country, and forced them from their shadowy corners. They’ve had to come out of the darkness to wage fights in the daylight — and they find the sunshine uncomfortable. Revealing. Not Anonymous.

Under Trump, the global elitists who seek to turn this country into a source for their own globalist, elitist self-enrichment have had to wage war in ways to which they’ve not previously been accustomed, in ways that bring their backroom wheelings and dealings with Democrats and Republicans out into the open, for all to see. 

Transparency is a powerful tool. It injects truth to deception.

Fact is, those with nefarious natures and schemes always prefer to work in shadows. But Trump with his America First mindset has dragged the nefarious behind-scenes’ politickers from their corners.

And Keohane, on America’s political landscape, doesn’t overstate. A Democrat win this November would decimate the country. Four more years of Trump would bring, at the least, four more years of reprieve.

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