- - Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It’s no wonder patriotic Americans no longer trust our corrupt, Perkins-Coie-dominated government in Washington. Not only is Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton auditioning to get her greedy hands on the entire U.S. defense budget (as Biden-Harris’ crooked secretary of defense), the entire Obama-era, deep-state cabal — led 100% by Bill and Hillary Clinton is getting off scot-free.

What’s shocking is that every former Clinton-Obama associate who peddled and pushed Hillary’s fake Trump-Russia-collusion hoax and impeachment sham for four long years is also getting off scot-free.

Now every Clintonite is busy waging a rigged, vote-by-mail fraud festival solely to remove President Trump as Hillary’s only remaining obstacle to another Clinton Oval Office. We all know Joe Biden is the left’s sweet old political patsy, put in place as a decoy to enable the Clinton “Foundation” to assume backroom control of our entire government in 2021, mainly so “Billary” can BleachBit their entire sordid history once and for all. Why else have Bill and Hillary worked so relentlessly to scorch all earth and personnel within the Trump administration?

Why has Hillary dominated the mainstream fake news cycle every single day since 2016, with both Clintons headlining the 2020 Democratic National Convention?

The bigger question is, why are Republicans nationwide even campaigning against Joe Biden, when he is not Donald Trump’s actual opponent?

The reason is that debating or attacking “sweet uncle Joe” is like nailing Jell-o to a wall — which is all via Clinton-Soros design. This is also why every conservative pundit, GOP official, Trump campaigner and loyal American voter must realize and communicate via any media possible that the 2020 election is once again about Mr. Trump defeating the Clintons.


McLean, Va.

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