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Attorney General William Barr’s recent piece was instructive and important (“William Barr: Founders gambled on virtue prevailing over passions,” Web, Oct. 13). In it, Mr. Barr points out the likelihood of doubts about the prospects of our citizens having the moral discipline and virtue necessary for our free institutions to survive. A quote attributed to John Philpot Curran is as follows: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” I believe a lack of vigilance over the years by our citizens and elected officials is a chief reason for doubts about those prospects today.

When I was a child in the public school system in the ‘40s and early ‘50s, children were steeped in patriotism and our American heritage. Every morning, we recited the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance while standing, facing the flag with our hands over our hearts. We learned about the founding of our country, the structure of our government, the basic philosophy of individual liberty, natural, God-given rights and the greatest provider of our wants and needs, capitalism.

During those years, Marxist ideology began to take hold in our universities and to naturally filter down into the public schools as the college graduates went into the teaching professios. No longer would prayer be allowed in the schools and any reference to God became forbidden. Our children are now taught that America is an oppressive nation and that capitalism is exploitative and must be eradicated in favor of a socialist economy.

In order to defend our free institutions, our young people must understand them. Our youth today clearly do not understand our institutions. When I see college students questioned about our history, government and our institutions, it’s astounding and frightening how little they know. Yet they are strongly in favor of “fundamentally transforming” our country into a socialist state.

A generation of Americans steeped in Marxist philosophy has come about due to lack of vigilance on the part of parents and politicians who were looking the other way.


Ijamsville, Md.

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