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Even in the seemingly endless gutter that the devolution of American politics has produced, a simple truth remains: People will not say what they cannot say.

If an allegation is hurled at someone, that person will almost instinctively deny the accusation. So powerful is this instinct that for centuries Anglo-American law imputed guilt upon individuals who were stoic in the face of charges against them.

Now, Joe and Hunter Biden, and the entire Biden syndicate, will not say what they cannot say.

They cannot say that the computer that contained emails, images and photos implicating the Biden syndicate in pay-for-play and extortion schemes, was not Hunter Biden’s. You cannot credibly deny what is either proven or when you know that there is evidence available to prove the assertion against you. Thus, the Biden syndicate remains mute. They simply cannot say anything.

They cannot say that  Hunter Biden’s former partner, Tony Bobulinski, is lying when Bobulinski says, “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China.” 

There is simply too much evidence that disallows a claim of innocence by the Biden syndicate to be believed.

The public domain is filled with Hunter Biden references. The New York Post detailed two deals netting Hunter and “the big guy” millions of dollars in deals with China. And that doesn’t include the billion-dollar management deal Hunter netted while accompanying his father Joe, while Joe Biden was the vice president, to China.

So, Joe Biden has become as elusive as his son Hunter. Typical of the kid-glove treatment Joe Biden has been receiving is the softball question about his favorite milkshakes. When a reporter has had the temerity to broach the subject of extortion and pay-to-play, the senior Biden has not denied the charge, but turned and walked away.

Can you imagine the cacophony of attacks if there were credible allegations made against President Trump? Two displays of the remorseless, ravenous assaults by the beasts of prey, which are the leftstream media, are the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing (all the disgusting claims against him have thoroughly been debunked), and the wild-eyed impeachment efforts of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. After every claim against Mr. Trump had been denied and then disproven, they still went after him.

The din produced by the dimwits on the left is always meant to degrade, demean, defile, and are always debunked.

And when the Democrats and their allies in the media are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they always make the same claim, “The Russians did it.” They attempt to distract. Exhibit “A” is when the Democrats and the kooks in the media insist that every Republican disavow what the media types know are a bunch of cranks, living in their parents’ basement, who are blasting out conspiracy theories. Democrats somehow think that these folks who spread rumors on the internet are as dangerous as the real urban terrorists: Antifa.

In fact, the left is willing to subsume their own reality to their own fantasy, literally standing in front of buildings that anarchists have lit on fire, and proclaiming, “the protests have been mostly peaceful.” It is House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler asserting that Antifa is a “myth.”

Exhibit “B” comes not from the Bidens, who continue their silence, but from Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, who lacks any imagination at all. They always come back to their favorite fall guy: Russia. Somehow Hunter’s computer and hard drive is “Russian disinformation.” C’mon, Man. Are you gonna lay that clown show on us again?

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe quickly debunked this lie. About Mr. Schiff’s dubious claim, Mr. Ratcliffe said that Hunter Biden’s laptop, “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.” 

There really is little for the Biden’s to say. They have been caught. The adage holds, you must not say what you cannot say. As in the old common law, their silence is tantamount to a confession of guilt.

• Andy Biggs is a Republican U.S. representative for Arizona. 

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