- - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In less than one week, Americans will make a choice between two presidential candidates who couldn’t be more starkly different (“Donald Trump for reelection,” Editorial, Oct. 26). One supports an ‘America-first’ agenda to fortify our borders and stop illegal immigration; to stop bleeding American jobs, as well as technology and money to China (by addressing the massive trade deficit with this communist nation); and to maintain law and order. As a bonus, this candidate hasn’t started any bogus, illegal and expensive foreign wars during his term in office, unlike many of his predecessors.

The other candidate believes that we should continue supporting lopsided “trade” with communist China (adding to our catastrophic national debt); open unhindered borders; and engage in foreign wars. He has been embroiled in a traitorous “pay-to-play” scandal (which he lied about), involving being on the pay roll and in the service of foreign businesses/elites along with his family members. He has tacitly supported the looting and violent demonstrations that destroyed and continue to destroy many American cities. He supports defunding the police, is declining mentally, and has socialists behind him waiting to force their freedom-destroying agenda on America. Beyond just getting rid of President Trump and surviving a “dark winter” in his basement bunker, he offers no vision for how to heal our struggling and polarized nation.

We are now at a crossroads. The choice has never been clearer. Do we want someone who fights for America and ordinary Americans, despite his many imperfections, or someone who fights for wealthy “elite” globalists/socialists, such as George Soros, who have made it their life’s mission to destroy and enslave America?


Henderson, Nev.

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