- - Thursday, October 8, 2020

There are two overarching paradigms that control the reaction to COVID-19. Unfortunately, they have been charged with a high degree of politicization and used to try to break one philosophical ideal or another. In the United States the Democrats adhere to the paradigm of science when it comes to COVID-19. There is no room for living life normally, according to the Democrats. Instead, one must obey the science — whatever it might be that day.

The Republicans follow the paradigm that life must be lived according to normality, wherever possible, and that science should be used as guidance only. This paradigm inculcates the principle that science changes daily as new facts and information are discovered, and that it should not be used to disrupt normality wherever normality is able to prevail.

This leaves the Democrats frozen in their tracks, wearing masks, social distancing and contunally washing their hands, while for the most part remaining in their homes and doing nothing of an economic or social nature. On the other hand, the conservatives and Republicans recognize the science as being a guiding factor but do not allow it to take precedence over their normal behavior patterns, including working and socializing. This divides the country into two major fragments that are in opposition to one another, creating a good deal of friction and controversy and setting the stage for politicization of the virus.


North Las Vegas, Nev.

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