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For years, those warning of the perils and pitfalls of a New World Order global governance and its effect on American sovereignty and freedom have been painted as conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat-wearers, loony birds without benefit of brains.

But the so-called conspiracists are right.

Globalists are real. Elitist power-players hungering for America’s resources are real. Billionaire and millionaire types seeking to spread their influences, leave their marks, exert their controls and, in the end, win their agendas — even to the point of foisting their agendas — are real.

They’re not figments of imaginations.

Neither are the dangers they present to America and to America’s freedoms.

In a February essay for World Politics Review posted in part at the Council on Foreign Relations website, Stewart M. Patrick, the James H. Binger senior fellow in Global Governance and the director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program at CFR, wondered with this title: “Can Trump’s Successor Save the Liberal International Order?”

The “liberal international order” that Trump has “disparage[d] and dismantle[d],” Patrick went on to write.

Here’s his take: The liberal international order that began under presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman — when they “laid the foundations for an open, multilateral system under international law” — needs speedy revival. The “seven decades after 1945 [that]” gave rise to “hundreds of multilateral organizations and treaties” were the good years; Trump and his “nationalist, transactional and hyper-sovereigntist mindset” have brought on the bad years.

“If Trump is defeated in November, the cleanup job will be immense,” Patrick wrote. “Beyond sweeping out Trump’s trash, his successor will need to remedy underlying weaknesses in the liberal international order that helped pave Trump’s path to power.”

To make sure it never happens again, don’t you know?

To the left, to the hard, committed, globalist left that sees not just government but a New World Order government as the solution of all that ails humanity, Trump isn’t the only or even biggest problem. The spirit of American freedom is the bigger problem. It’s the spirit that globalists want eradicated.

Patrick says as much.

“Trump has taken a wrecking ball to the West, attacking members of the Group of 7, questioning America’s commitments to NATO and Asian allis, and even encouraging the dissolution of the European Union,” Patrick wrote. “His successor must reverse course and rally Western nations in defense of an open world.”

In other words: Trump, indeed, has been the great disruptor in chief.

He’s truly stood between America and American sovereignty, and the hungering, lusting, drunk-with-power global elites.

This election, it’s not just the White House that’s on the block. It’s all of America — all of American interests — all of American individual liberties and rights.

Vote out Trump this November and you’ll see the globalist vultures swoop.

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