- - Monday, September 14, 2020

Since March there has been a run on guns and ammunition. Doubt me? Go try to buy either — any type, any caliber. First-time buyers are the majority. Ask yourself why. Then ask yourself why the current violence and mayhem are limited to Democrat-run cities and states, specifically places where George Soros has installed leftist prosecutors and idiot mayors and govenors who refuse to enforce the laws. Notice that antifa and Black Lives Matter travel in mobs and pick on the elderly and frail. What courage. Then ask yourself whether this is really a “popular” uprising — you know, not “community organized”’ from Kalorama and funded by Soros Inc. If it is indeed grassroots, why are these antifa/BLM punks being bused all over the country to do their dirty work?

If you’re honest you will notice the fate of those rioting thugs who ventured outside the liberal zones to Colorado Springs and Sturgis. They weren’t killed or hopitalized, but they did not fare well. Militant normals don’t put up with this sort of thing. The next time a couple in St. Louis is forced to protect thier home they won’t be standing there with unloaded guns.

The mainstream media wants to make it look as though Antifa and BLM make up a “mass movement” — but in reality these groups are just a bunch of punks and wannabe “revolutionaries” from rich families, same as Bill Ayers, Che Guevara and Mao Zedong. The rest of us have had enough.

If President Trump wins on election night, he has won, period. If the left want sto take it to the next step, it should rest assured we’re prepared.


Eloy, Ariz.

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